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Forts, rivers, hillocks, beaches, shrines, natural greenness, seven plus languages, blessed land of cross-cultures, our Kasaragod!, Kerala

The only independent news portal of its kind,, hailing from the same sacred soil of Kasaragod! Than any of the newspaper across the South Canara or Malabar (Kasargod, Kannur) can claim; holds the spearhead to enlighten its readers or viewers with all those local and statewide news from immediate neighbourhood to the limits of Malabar or Dakshina Kannada!

More than the information from world-wide, we will be normally inclined to know the events or happenings in the nearby locality; and, for the NRIs of gulf countries, this news-site is life-sustaining! We bet against any district of Kerala, or any district from any state of India will be having a complete-comprehended regional news-space like!

Remarkable service since 2007!

Famous journalists, socio-cultural-political activists’ participation and involvement were instrumental in the remarkable rise of this portal’s popularity and effectiveness to such a height, in that relatively short span of time.

In activities other than time-to-time news updates to the NRIs from their soil across the seas, we make ourselves occupied with timely and effective involvement in common cause events; flooding feedbacks we receive must stand testimony to the credit!

This portal is the sole, super-seeded, trustworthy source from which they can read all those news of their neighbourhood with much clarity and reliability than from their friends’ phone detailing through that costly telephone line or over mobile signals! And, we take pleasure for enabling our readers to be updated with all those information at no subscription charges, or any hidden costs!

Or, to the days of social revolution; where celebrity popularity or an event’s success is measured through the number of likes one’s page receives in Facebook, or, the number of followers to one’s profile in twitter;’s leap is so visible, that, a good crowd of contemporary contenders remain at bay!

Within the much stipulated time how news portal became Malabar-South Canara region’s true mirror, a question really needs to be answered, or an answer which has to be evaluated; and the volumes of industrial/commercial/institutional/educational establishments utilizes’s diverse readership base.

Let’s understand the facts from certain testimonials:

The websites which rank particular websites effectiveness, penetration; categorizes among the premium news portals, in terms of popularity, way ahead of many of the Malayalam news web-spaces. Alexa, a website, that provides online portal’s effectiveness, popularity, puts in below 1000 rank in UAE audience viewership. And, the figure speaks for itself.

600,000+ dailyhunt followers, 160,000+ Facebook page likes; stay close and very much ingrained to its viewers each second, catering news and updates from the world around. So Kasargod Vartha becomes the most popular media in and around Kasaragod ie Malabar and South Canara region.

As you understand, as with any age, the information age is marked by the sheer advertisement a particular product or service is receiving, sometimes the only 'deciding' factor for that product’s or service’s success and wide-spread awareness. Having said some of the facts much of the statistics, it is in our profound belief that, the portal must be a vital help for you, like that sky tall- horizon wide billboard, visible to the endless horizon, where most of the potential customers drop by and glance at your article’s distinguished features, struggling to convince their brain to comprehend, 'why not to go for!'.

We appreciate your valuable time spent in reading, and the kind effort invested in understanding the message.

And, as we conclude the message, let a one-liner tickle your nerve always, “the best way to understand, is by acting through it”.

👁️‍🗨️വാര്‍ത്തകള്‍ നിങ്ങളുടെ വാട്‌സ്ആപില്‍ ലഭിക്കാന്‍ ഗ്രൂപ്പില്‍ അംഗമാകാം

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News Editor: Kunhikannan


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Press Club Building, Kasaragod
Kerala. Pin 671121
Phone: +91 4994 230554


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